Mall Carjacking At NJ Mall Leads To Shooting Death, Suspects Still At Large

Mall Carjacking At NJ Mall Leads To Shooting Death, Suspects Still At Large

A mall carjacking at a NJ mall resulted in a shooting death of a man Christmas shopping with his wife.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the only thing damaged in the last New Jersey mall shooting was the ceiling and videos of the incident seemed to indicate the gunman never intended to hurt anyone.

Rick Ramos, who works in a local business, says he was a witness to the mall carjacking:

“It was at least two gunshots. People started ducking and panicking. We had to barricade everyone inside. I could hear a woman screaming her head off. It was brutal. She was shrieking.”

The NJ shooting took place at The Mall at Short Hills in the parking lot shortly after the mall had closed. The married couple was getting into their silver Range Rover when the mall carjacking began with two thugs demanding the vehicle. When the man resisted the thugs opened fire and stole the vehicle away from them.

The shooting victim died later that night at Morristown Memorial Hospital. His wife was brought there with him but she apparently wasn’t harmed during the mall carjacking.

Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn A. Murray says police are still looking for the suspects:

“It obviously was a car with some value. Our police department is out there and I’m sure they’re doing everything that needs to be done.”

The NJ mall shooting suspects, both described as black, were last seen heading east on Route 24 in the stolen silver Range Rover. Police ask people to look out for the SUV, which has the New Jersey license plate number U26-BVD. Anyone who has any more information about the mall carjacking and shooting are asked to call (877) 847-7432.