John Cena Loses WWE World Heavyweight Title To Randy Orton

Addam Corré

John Cena lost the WWE World Heavyweight title to Randy Orton on Sunday night in Houston, Texas. It was almost as if Cena tempted fate by announcing twice out loud "tonight is history" before the fight.

The match itself was a 'tables, ladders and chairs' extravaganza and all of the above were used by the wrestlers to gain the advantage over their opponent.

Things looked promising for John Cena early on after he opened up a cut just above the right eye, after smashing Orton's head onto the ring steps.

As Orton wriggled on the Spanish announcer's table, Cena ascended the ladder confidently assuming that he'd won the match, and grabbed the belts.

The blood didn't stop Randy Orton though, as he got up in an 'Incredible Hulk' like moment and pulled the ladder away from beneath John Cena's feet.

He then whacked Cena on the back with a folding chair, sending Cena crashing down to the mat. Once Cena had had enough of the chair attacks, he grabbed his rival and drilled him into a table.

Orton wasn't too fazed by that move though, as he proceeded to take his revenge by handcuffing Cena to the ropes. Cena was then pounded with a ladder before he managed to release the rope from the buckle and set himself partially free.

He was free enough to climb the ladder again and knock Orton off it. His success was short lived, however, as he was still handcuffed to the rope; Orton, once again, replaced him on the ladder.

This time round Randy Orton sealed John Cena's defeat as he reached up clutching the belts and claiming victory as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.