Green Bay Packers Stun Dallas Cowboys, Come Back From 23-Point Deficit To Win

Green Bay Packers stun Dallas Cowboys, overcome 23 Point Deficit

The Green Bay Packers stunned the Dallas Cowboys, on their turf, after they came back from a first half 23 point deficit, to take the win 37-36.

But things weren’t this promising after the first half. Packers fans were despairing that, yet again, this game was going to be a blow out, you were in for an unlikely surprise, one the Green Bay team hasn’t seen in a long, long time.

Ever since their starter, Aaron Rodgers, went down with a collarbone injury, it’s been a roller coaster for Mike McCarthy and his team, which is usually a strong contender in the final phase of the NFL season.

Earlier in the day, the Green Bay Packers announced that a frustrated Aaron Rodgers would, once again, have to sit out the game, as doctors deemed he was not ready for action.

In a series of tweets the team announced that it had been a difficult morning for the starter quarterback, as he felt he was ready to make his comeback, in what has been the most frustrating time of his career, watching his team take a pounding on the field and lose a strong position on the standings.

So when the halftime came around and the Packers found themselves down 26-3, many couldn’t help but think, here we go again.

Not so fast. Whatever Mike McCarthy told the team in the locker room worked and pass after pass, the Green Bay Packers came back to life and handed the Dallas Cowboys one of the most humiliating loses of the year, without their starter.

The Packers were a completely different team after halftime, scoring 14 points on the third quarter and 20 on the fourth.

Matt Flynn ended up with four touchdown passes and 299 yards. The stats at the end of the game were as close as the result was.

The Packers (7-6-1) kept their playoff hopes alive and moreover, Aaron Rodgers could possibly return next week, after six weeks out.

The Green Bay Packers win their second straight game without Rodgers, after losing five straight, including the game against Chicago where the quarterback was injured.

Speaking about the incredible comeback head coach Mike McCarthy was emotional:

“It took me everything not to cry. I’m just drained. Just the sheer emotion. It was incredible.”

Dallas quarterback Tony Romo had two interceptions in the final three minutes of the game, the first one gave Green Bay a chance to take the lead, as the Cowboys were in position of running out the clock with a 36-31 lead.

Eddie Lacy, scored for the Green Bay Packers with 1:31 left in the fourth quarter, which gave the Wisconsin team the lead for the first time since the first quarter.

Green Bay cornerback Tramon Williams, who had an interception overturned on review, before a deciding pick that was first ruled incomplete and later reversed on replay said:

“Most guys would pack it in – `Guys, it’s not our season. Let’s go home and get ready for next year. It’s not that vibe here.”

For Dallas, it was a different story, as summarized by owner Jerry Jones:

“This is one of the hardest losses that I’ve experienced. That’s a shame that we’ve lost that ballgame.”

“We still control what we feel like we can get done,” Romo said after the game. “It just doesn’t feel like it right now because we let it slip away.”

After their impressive start against the Green Bay Packers, the Cowboys gave up touchdowns on five straight drives.

“What a feeling!” Green Bay Packers replacement quarterback Matt Flynn, who rallied his team to victory said. “As we were taking a knee, we were thinking: ‘Is this real? Is this happening?'” Yes, it did.