Tom Brady Storms Out Of Press Conference After Loss To Dolphins

Tom Brady storms out of press conference

Tom Brady’s Patriots (10-4) lost 24-20 to the Miami Dolphins (8-6) and the quarterback was fuming. So much so, that he cursed and stormed out of the post-game press conference.

It was a tough day for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and he wasn’t in a good mood to answer reporters questions after the game.

“We made some good plays. We made a lot of s*** plays,” Brady said, according to

Everyone knows that after the game, the press is expecting some answers about how things went on the field -or didn’t go- in this case.

However, it was obvious that Tom Brady did not want to answer many inquiries and after his choice word about the way his team performed, he left the room.

The loss comes as the Denver Broncos lost their game against the Chargers on Thursday, and Tom Brady was hoping to bank on the chance to gain the AFC’s No. 1 seed with a win, but it wasn’t to be, since they remain technically tied with the Broncos in their playoff bid.

Tom Brady has had a couple of tough games, with a close win against the Cleveland Browns last weekend and the loss against the Dolphins, things are not looking so good for the usually strong Patriots.

Brady was 34-of-55 for 364 yards, with two touchdowns and the crushing game-ending interception by Michael Thomas.

But the talk right now is all about Tom Brady losing his cool with sports reporters and cursing during the post-game presser.

The temper tantrum from one of the top quarterbacks in the league, is already creating a buzz on social media. Some have decided opinions on Tom Brady’s choice words.

Watch the Tony Romo video below (NSFW):