Johnny Manziel Shows Honesty And Integrity With Heisman Vote

Johnny Manziel may be a world class quarterback, but he isn’t renowned in the world of football for his maturity and sense of responsibility, that is, until now.

In the recent Heisman vote instead of voting for himself, Johnny decided to be a big boy and do the right thing. He apparently reflected on the season honestly and frankly and came to the conclusion that the winner should be Jameis Winston from Florida State.

It seems Johnny Manziel was right on the nose with his vote as Winston ended up in first place, winning the Heisman Award. Johnny’s vote for second place, ahead of himself in third, was Andre Williams, Boston College’s running back.

There is little question that Johnny’s vote was the right one. Winston has shown some amazing skills and talent on the field this season, and by all accounts, everyone has high hopes for his future in football.

For his part, Johnny Manziel will now be considering carefully whether or not to declare for the upcoming NFL decision, a heavy decision that would change his life. What is good to see is the fact that Johnny Manziel is growing up and acting far more responsibly than he has in the past.

Manziel spoke about the rape allegations that were levelled against Winston:

“I had to go through some controversy. I had to go through some things. To see him at such a young age be able to put his head down and focus on his teammates and where they are and where they’re headed. I do give him a lot of credit for that. With all the scrutiny and everything that he’s under, I feel like he’s done a tremendous job of focusing on his team and his family and what matters most.”

It is good to see Johnny Manziel taking a more responsible path as reflected by his Heisman vote. It is hoped he will continue in the same vain next season.