Sony Hackers Planning Third Attack, Have Gained Access To Servers [Rumor]

The group of hackers who took down and all but destroyed the Sony network are planning a third “major attack” against the technology firm according to a new report at Cnet.

News of the planned attack was leaked by a user in a hacker chat channel who claims to have seen discussion threads related to the upcoming planned hacks.

According to the witness, hackers have already infiltrated several Sony servers and they plan to gather as much personal information as they can from users and then go public with that information.


At this time it’s still unclear if the hacktivist group Anonymous has anything to do with the rumored upcoming attacks. For their part Anonymous has claimed that they were in no way a part of the PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment serverattacks, relaying the message that those attacks did as much to hurt customers (which they claim they want to avoid) as they did to hurt the Sony corporation.