Watch Duck Dynasty Christmas Special Online, Catch All The Robertson Holiday Cheer

Watch Duck Dynasty Christmas Special Online

Fans can watch the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special online, so even if they didn’t make it to a television they can still catch all the holiday antics from the Robertson clan.

The special episode of the hit A&E reality show was a big draw this week, bringing in 8.9 million viewers. But A&E also gives fans who didn’t catch the show’s 10 pm broadcast to watch the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special online by offering it for streaming on the network’s website.

To give some perspective on just how popular the Christmas episode was, the NBC hit sitcom Modern Family pulled in roughly the same numbers for the week despite airing on one of the major networks.

Christmas has been a profitable time for the Robertsons. Aside from the popular holiday special, the family also put out a Christmas album this year, Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas. Since being released on October 29, the album has been a mainstay on the Billboard 200’s top 10, even topping Britney Spears in her new album, Britney Jean.

“We didn’t see any of that coming. We sing in Church and stuff, but there’s a lot of people there, so you don’t really hear just the family members,” said Sadie Robertson, daughter of Willie and Korie. “We would never sing in front of each other because you’ve got to have thick skin in our family because they will make fun of you until the day they die. We were very surprised with each other.”

The Duck Dynasty folks have the holiday gift list planned, too. Deadline reports that the family will be releasing their own Chia Pets available for purchase this holiday season. Instead of the hair sprouting up, it grows downward in the family’s trademark beards.

For fans who have already watched the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special online, Billboard is giving another bit of holiday cheer — a behind the scenes look at uncle Si Robertson reading The Night Before Christmas.

Si said he had a special bit of inspiration for his reading.”I don’t always see or hear things as well as I used to, and it is easy to mistake Willie for Santa. That is the basis for my new rendition of this holiday classic,” Si said. “I mean, come on Jack! Willie needs to lose a few pounds and get the white out of his beard.”

Fans who want to watch the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special online can click here.