Evelyn Lozada’s Beau Carl Crawford Has Another Baby?..

Former Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada recently made an announcement that left fans in a state of shock. Not only did she reveal that she was six months pregnant, but she also leaked the name of her unborn baby’s father.

After much speculation, Lozada confirmed that the father of her child is LA Dodgers star Carl Crawford. TMZ reported that Lozada and Crawford have been dating for close to a year, and that the relationship has progressively gotten serious.

While the heart-warming announcement and anticipation of a new baby should have denoted “a happy ending,” some media outlets felt otherwise. So, in typical media fashion, the “dirt digging” immediately began, and a new revelation surfaced.

According to GossipOnThis, another woman, named Amy Freeman, actually gave birth to Crawford’s second child at the beginning of the summer. The publication also noted that Freeman is the mother of Crawford’s 10-year-old child as well. However, the older child is beside the fact. The conception timeline for the second child is what raised brows. Here’s why:

If Freeman gave birth to her baby approximately six months ago, that would mean Lozada got pregnant around the same time the other child was born. The daunting leak immediately sent off red flags for on-lookers.

Then came the burning questions. Is Evelyn Lozada a home-wrecker? Or is Carl Crawford a cheater? Was Crawford involved with both women simultaneously? After even more digging, Bossip uncovered the details, explaining the timeline.

“According to our source Carl was single when Amy, who is mother to his 10-year-old son, became pregnant with their newest baby. The two were not dating and according to our source, Crawford believed Amy was on the pill — because that’s what she told him!Carl and Amy have not dated or lived together in over seven years, and this latest child was the result of an offhand, one-time incident where the pair were just being consenting adults having sex. Evelyn didn’t even come into the picture until much later,” explained Bossip.

So, there you have it! Crawford’s not a cheater, and Lozada isn’t a home-wrecker. The two are in an exclusive relationship. Lozada and Crawford are expecting their first child together in March of 2014.