Broncos Game Stabbings: The Third Stabbing In Three Months

denver broncos stabbing one man in critical condition

Three men were arrested and taken into custody by Denver police following the Denver Broncos game at Sports Authority Field on Thursday after allegedly stabbing three people.

It was immediately assumed that the stabbings following the Broncos game were related to game – possibly carried put by over-zealous football supporters. One of the three people stabbed is still listed in critical condition.

Steve Warneke, the Denver police chief, said that all of the young men stabbed were “conscious and talking.” It is thought that a fourth man was also stabbed in the incident, but he fled the scene before the medics arrived to treat the victims.

The police and local authorities are still trying to work out what the motive behind the Broncos game stabbings might have been. Officers who were called to the scene just before 10 pm on Thursday said it was “chaotic.”

The Broncos lost the game against the San Diego Chargers 27-20, but it is not known at this time if that game result had anything to do with the multiple stabbings.

It seems, unfortunately, that violence over football is on the rise recently. Just a few weeks ago, a man died after an incident at the Arrowhead Stadium during Kansas City’s game against Denver.

Back in September, violence was reported in San Francisco after a teenager received a broken arm and concussion at Candlestick Park following a 49ers’ vs. Indianapolis game.

It remains to be seen what the motive may have been in the recent Broncos game stabbings. What is clear is that violence among fans, both before and after NFL games, is on the rise. Police investigators must now try to work out what the violence was all about.

British soccer fans are well known – and world renowned – for bringing mindless and senseless violence to the game of soccer in Britain and Europe. Following the recent three incidents stateside, one can only hope that America is not following suit.