Britney Spears Teases Documentary, Worries About Blanking Out In Las Vegas [Video]

The first trailer for the upcoming Britney Spears documentary I Am Britney Jean recently arrived online. Fans can check out the clip below.

To help promote her upcoming residency in Las Vegas, the singer and the folks at Planet Hollywood decided to chronicle her rehearsals in an upcoming TV movie. Cable network E! is all set to premeire I Am Britney Jean: Britney Spears in Las Vegas on December 22.

In addition to tackling her upcoming Las Vegas shows, Digital Spy reports that the documentary follows the singer as she prepares to release her album, Britney Jean. The flick also gives Spears a chance to discuss her fears about the residency.

“I’m really nervous. What if I just blank out and just stand there?” she explains in the trailer.

Check out the official synopsis for the documentary:

“[I Am Britney Jean offers] an intimate look at one of the most overexposed yet under revealed stars of today as she faces one of her biggest challenges ever while finishing her album, shooting videos, doing press-and being a mom. [Britney Spears] will also open up about her personal and professional life in her most candid and revealing interviews ever.”

Britney Spears and her handlers are no doubt hoping that the documentary will help boost her latest album’s disappointing sales. The Inquisitr previously reported that Britney Jean sold less than 110,000 copies during its first week of release. The collection of songs landed at number four on the Billboard 200.

Although the album isn’t doing too well at the moment, that could change once the singer’s Las Vegas residency gets underway. Spears told Ryan Seacrest that she’s incredibly excited about the upcoming shows, declaring that they’re some of the most physically demanding performances she’s ever put together.

“There’s a lot of different, interesting aspects to the show and a lot of moments where the audience feels like they’re in the show with us. A lot of special effects like that and it’s the most dancing I’ve ever done,” Britney explained.

Curious to see the first trailer for I Am Britney Jean: Britney Spears in Las Vegas? Check out the clip embedded below.

Britney Spears kicks off her Las Vegas residency on December 27. However, folks can get a glimpse of what’s in store by checking out the upcoming documentary on December 22. Tune into E! if you’re curious to see what all the fuss is about.