CNN shuts Tech news division as O'Brien leaves network

Miles O'Brien might have been irriating some times to watch as he reported on things like NASA, technology and science but I always like watching his reports. It was nice to be able to get some tech news; or at least tech angles, mixed in with the rest of the disaster news that CNN loves to pump out.

Unfortunately though the head honcho's at CNN have decided that technology related stuff is news worthy enough to merit its own news division. As MediaBistro is reporting Miles O'Brien is leaving CNN and they are shutting down its science, environment, space and technology unit

O'Brien's departure comes as the network dismantles its science, space, environment and technology unit in Atlanta. That includes O'Brien as well as six producers. O'Brien has been CNN's chief technology and environment correspondent since being replaced as anchor of American Morning in April 2007.

Personally I am really sorry to see this happen and I think it is really short-sighted of CNN to integrate the science and tech into their general editorial schedule. As we move forward in an increasingly tech oriented world and the environment is becoming even more of an issue not having a specific focus on them is disappointing.