Candace Cameron Bure Found Faith While Battling Bulimia

Candace Cameron Bure Eating Disorder

Candace Cameron Bure recently opened up about her past struggles with bulimia.

The former Full House star’s problems with the eating disorder began when she married Valeri Bure at the age of 20. It was around this time that she looked for comfort in God.

During her recent chat with OMG! Insider, Candace Cameron Bure said that her struggle with bulimia was a reaction to dealing with a completely new life.

“That really was the time of identifying with being an actress and that being my whole life, and then now being someone’s wife and moving to a new city, a new country even,” the actress explained.

She continued, “I turned to food for comfort and had to find a different source, ’cause clearly it wasn’t a healthy way to deal with things. So that’s really when my faith was kicked up a notch and sought comfort in my relationship with God — and not with food.”

Candace Cameron Bure explained that Full House producers and her parents were very protective during her stint on the sitcom. As a result, her body issues didn’t really begin to develop until later in life. Even an episode of the show involving D.J.’s crash diet was reportedly handled with kid gloves.

“I don’t think any of them wanted to see that happen to one of their child or make them feel uncomfortable, that they needed to lose weight or were too heavy or anything,” she said.

Candace added, “I was protected and it was never brought up… That was even sensitive, they asked me, ‘would I feel comfortable doing an episode about that?'”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Candace Cameron Bure is still interested in pursuing a career in acting. However, she doesn’t take every single role that comes her way. If the movie requires any nudity or contains a sex scene, she won’t hesitate to turn it down.

The actress told YourTango:

“What’s very important to me is that it’s family-friendly programming or there is some positive message, or something of value to take away from watching it. I have boundaries that my husband and I talked about and are both comfortable with… If you watch anything I do, you’ll see I don’t go beyond kissing someone. I’m not going to get naked, and I’m not going to have sex scenes.”

Candace Cameron Bure’s book Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose is presently scheduled for release on January 1, 2014.

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