Active Shooter Situation At Colorado High School, Two Injured [Breaking]

UPDATE: The suspect has been found inside the school and is dead of an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound.

Reports of an active shooter situation at a Colorado High School indicate two people were injured on Friday.

Information is still coming in, and authorities have not made any official announcements as of yet. However, several news reports indicate that Arapahoe High School was the scene of a shooting on Friday.

According to the latest report, the shooting happened in the cafeteria area.

This prompted several area schools to be placed on lockdown. The Colorado shooting happened in the Littleton district, which includes Columbine High School.

According to local news outlet 9 News police are calling the shooting an "active shooter situation."

The Denver Post indicates one student shot two other students in the school's cafeteria. Some students report hearing shots coming from the cafeteria and everyone running for cover, the Denver Post reports.

No one is in custody in the active Colorado shooting at the time of this report, and the identity of the victims or their condition has not been released.

There are 70 different classrooms in the high school which covers a 254,000-square-foot area. There are 2,229 students that attend the high school, according to reports.

The Post reported a dispatcher with the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office had said there had been a shooting, but no further information is available. The Post also said there are reports of a fire at the school.

Video footage on Fox News show multiple cars on the road around the school as parents are finding out news of the shooting in Colorado.

There are also reports of a fire in the school, but that has not been confirmed.

Latest reports indicate that the shooter is down.

The local hospital is reporting that one student is in critical condition, it is unclear whether it is the shooter or the victims.

A large group of students are seen calmly standing outside the Colorado High School and being searched by police while others are seen coming out of the building with their hands in the air.

Fox is reporting a Molotov cocktail may have been part of the attack on the Centennial school.

A Denver Post reporter on the scene is saying some students are still barricaded in classrooms.

Shooter came into the High School armed looking for a particular teacher, he was confronted by another student who was shot, according to police.

Parents will be able to be reunited with their children within the hour, police say.

Columbine High School was the site of a 1999 massacre in which two students murdered 12 students, a teacher and wounded several others before committing suicide. More information to come in the active shooter situation in the Colorado school.