Axe-Wielding McDonald’s Customer Destroys Drive-Thru Over Cold Fries

A dissatisfied McDonald’s customer who clearly wasn’t lovin’ it pulled an axe when he received an order of cold fries at the drive-thru.

This latest incident of drive-thru rage — in this instance, involving French fires — ironically occurred in France, which also proves that fast-food freakouts aren’t just an American phenomenon.

The McDonald’s axe attack happened in the early hours of Sunday morning in a Paris suburb. “After complaining they were too cold, and apparently not getting satisfaction from the staff-member behind the drive-thru counter, the 26-year-old man descended from his Renault Master van, brandishing an axe.The incident escalated rapidly, as the enraged man swung his axe at the drive-thru counter, smashing the glass window to pieces.”

To make matters worse, and more dangerous, he then reportedly tossed the axe in the direction of some customers eating inside. Fortunately, the axe narrowly missed the innocent bystanders.

The man drove off, but police caught up to him and took him into custody for questioning. EMTs also treated him for deep cut in his band. A drive-thru worker suffered some minor cuts to the face in the axe rampage, but did not need to be treated at a hospital.

The Daily Mail offered this theory as to what led to the McDonald’s axe attack: “It appears that the attacker had an extreme reaction to the sense of disappointment commonly felt when McDonald’s customers compare their actual purchases to the appealingly succulent examples pictured on the menu.”

On this side of the Atlantic, the drive-thru window has been the scene of all kinds of misbehavior, including acts of violence and vandalism. In one instance, a plain-clothes cop pulled a gun on a drive-thru slow poke. In another case, a Dunkin’ Donuts employee was pistol whipped after he made a mistake on a drive-thru order. Elsewhere, a man suffered a “meltdown” at the drive-thru window when he received a cheeseburger rather than a hamburger. Last month, a man allegedly groped a female Arby’s drive-thru worker as she handed him his food at the window. Police managed to apprehend the man by following a trail of curly fries and sauce.