Detroit Lions tried to overpay for Patrick Peterson

So a few days after the 2011 NFL draft many Detroit Lions fans are unhappy with how the Lions conducted their draft. Even though many Draft Pundits are very high on what the Lions accomplished during this draft, many Lions fans are upset that this team failed to draft a corner or even a high round linebacker. Now there are reports that the Lions tried very hard to move up to the fifth overall pick to select Patrick Peterson. The problem with that is it was going to simply cost far too much.

The Lions reportedly offered the Arizona Cardinals a first round, second, and fourth round picks to move up and draft Peterson. Using the NFL Draft pick trade value chart what the Lions offered the Cardinals was fair compensation to move up, but the Lions are still a team that has many needs. Locking up three picks in Peterson would not have improved this team enough. Sure Cornerback was among their biggest needs, but the draft fell in way that they could not get one.

If the Lions were one defensive player way from a Super Bowl run I can see trading three picks to get him, since they are not playing it safe and listening to their draft board was exactly the way to go. It may not be popular, it may remind the fans of the Matt Millen era, but it was the right thing to do.

The Lions used their picks to create one of the most feared D lines in the NFL, the filled out their roster at several positions that were needed, maybe not primary needs, but sometimes that is how the draft cookie crumbles.

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