Kris Jenner Named Time's Person Of The Year In Jimmy Kimmel Prank

Kris Jenner is not Time magazine's person of the year, but a group of clueless pedestrians were tricked by Jimmy Kimmel into thinking the Kardashian matriarch was actually the one selected.

Kimmel jokingly nominated a new group of contenders for the Person of the Year, including Kris Jenner and admitted crack smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

"There are always people who don't keep up on current events, so I thought it would be fun to send our camera out on Hollywood Boulevard today to find out what people think about Time's Person of the Year. We did not tell them the Person of the Year was the Pope," Kimmel said. "In fact, we told them it was other people."

Amazingly, some of the people Jimmy interviewed in the street interview thought Kris Jenner was deserving of the honor.

"She has hustled her way this year," said one person. "She is a household name. Everybody knows her. She has just been on everything and everywhere, so I think Person of the Year would be a good accolade for her."

Kris was certainly one of the most talked about people in 2013. She and her step-daughters have been mainstays on the tabloid circuit, from Kim Kardashian's baby to Khloe's failing marriage. Her two daughters --- Kylie and Kendal --- have also come into their own as models.

Kris was also in the news more recently when it was revealed that she and husband Bruce Jenner have been living apart and are headed toward a divorce.

The family has invited the attention with a series of reality shows detailing their lives, but Bruce said it's still tough to be in the limelight all the time.

"Sometimes it's very difficult," he said. "Sometimes they'll take some really, really tough shots at the family when they're not deserved and totally false, especially with my kids. I don't care what they say about me, but when they start ragging on my kids for things that they're not doing and totally misrepresenting them, that really, really bothers me to say the least."

The real Time magazine Person of the Year was Pope Francis. Maybe Kris Jenner can try harder next year.