Justin Bieber ‘Believe’ Movie Clip, ‘How Could It Ever Get Old?’ [Video]

Justin Bieber may sometimes wish screaming fans would pipe down when he’s trying to get a bit of shuteye in a hotel. But at his now wrapped Believe tour concerts (and presumably all shows), the star says fans’ excitement kept him from getting bored.

In other words, Beliebers: Keep those decibel-shattering, louder than loud screams coming.

That’s the message of the latest Believe movie teaser to land this #FilmFridays and it was also the question posed by director Jon M. Chu.

“You don’t get bored?,” the helmer asked Bieber, who looked surprised even at the idea.

But as has been noted it is a fair question, given the 157-date Believe tour has only just wrapped after 15 drama-filled months and a surprise concert in the Typhoon Haiyan-hit Philippines earlier this week.

Justin answered simply in the clip, saying,

“Bored? No. Maybe if my fans weren’t screaming so loud, I would get bored. But they’re screaming so loud and they’re so excited and I see so many smiles; so many people crying of happiness,” he insists.

The singer added, “That doesn’t get old. How could it ever get old?”

With the official Believe Movie Twitter account now stepping up interactiveness to mark the 12-day countdown to the movie-documentary’s Christmas Day opening, Chu dropped by Bloomberg West and MTV.

Keeping it light at the youth-oriented network, the director revealed Bieber’s mustache was initially a contentious issue after the singer’s make-up artist suggested it come off for the film’s interview.

Bieber declined, saying it’s something all young men do when they’re trying to say “I’m grown-up,” even it is “delusional,” and Chu reveals the “dirty ‘stache”, as he called it, became a kind of symbol.

“It said everything about our movie that we didn’t have to say out loud,” Chu says.”It said, ‘He can grow a ‘stache now, he will, and even if you ask him not to, he will continue to grow it. He is still that rebellious troublemaker; he’s still charming as hell.”

Over at Bloomberg West’s in a more tech-based interview, Chu said not being part of a studio system as he was when he directed Bieber’s first feature, Never Say Never, allows a “more intimate view” of the star.

Asked why he signed on for Believe, Chu nut-shelled, “There was more story to tell and the next chapter may be even more interesting… a boy becomes a man and takes over his empire.”