PodiPodi Is A Solution Looking For a Problem....But It's Still Pretty Cool

Duncan Riley

PodiPodi is a Quicksilver style keyboard driven command application for a website.

Like Quicksilver, PodiPodi provides interaction via the keyboard, allowing users to type commands and obtain responses. The javascript embed is enacted by hitting SHIFT + Z and a help menu that includes a list of commands can be viewed simply by typing Help then hitting return.

Current commands include Info (information about the website), calculate, send a comment, tell a friend and sitemap. Users can also search Google, Google Images, Flickr and Yahoo (with results showin in PodiPodi in an overlay), with weather search and Wikipedia coming shortly.

The video above doesn't do it full justice, visit the PodiPodi page here and hit SHIFT + Z. Personally I love it, and I've been racking my brain trying to find an excuse to have it running here at The Inquisitr, but alas, so far I can't find one, because it's a solution looking for a problem that really doesn't exist...at least yet. I can however see Mac geeks running this on their site just to show off. Perhaps if future versions incorporate obvious things such as built in site search and maybe a site menu command I might find a way to justify running it.

(via Profy.com)