Shocking Video: Las Vegas Shooting Death At Bally’s Casino

A shocking video released on Wednesday shows a Las Vegas man shooting three people, resulting in one death.

On October 21, 2013 around 5:30am, Benjamin Frazier, 41, walked into Bally’s Casino to check out Drai’s After Hours nightclub. Allegedly under the influence of prescription medications and alcohol, Frazier, 42, was informed by the doorman that there was a $30 cover charge. For reasons that are not clear, Frazier pulls out a.38-caliber revolver and throws the doorman to the ground.

At that moment, security guard Anthony Guerrero entered the room, and Frazier shot both men. The doorman took a bullet to the arm, and Guerrero took a shot to the chest. Both men would later be taken to the hospital and are recovering.

Frazier then headed back into the casino with the gun waving wildly around. That’s when comedian Kenneth (KD) Brown acted. In an attempt to protect the other casino patrons, Brown, 40, jumped Frazier from behind. A struggle ensued, and the gun went off. Brown was shot in the neck and the chest. Police arrived moments later and attempted to revive Brown. His death is tragic, and Brown is being called a hero by the Las Vegas Metro Police.

Norma Sattiewhite, mother of Kenneth Brown, told reporters: “I wouldn’t wish this on any mother, father, sister, brother, anyone. But I have no hate for the man. I have to love no matter what and pray for him – and I do.”

Frazier is currently being held as the Death Penalty review board looks over his case. They will try to determine if the case warrants the death penalty as a potential sentence. Frazier is being represented by Bob Becket, his cousin, and Vicki Greco. They argue that Frazier did not intend to kill anyone that morning and that it is unclear whether the gun went off in the struggle or Frazier intended to shoot Brown.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson has his own take on the incident. “It’s an incredibly clear video,” Wolfson said told the Review Journal. “It really does describe to the eye exactly what happened. Unlike eye witness testimony that sometimes can be questioned. It’s hard to question the depiction of what happened in the video. It provides a very clear story of what happened that day.”

Do you think the shocking video of the Las Vegas shooting is enough to get Frazier the death penalty?