North Face Jackets Theft Gets Akron Store Manager Maced

18 North Face jackets worth about $2,000 were stolen from an Akron Dick’s sporting goods store on Sunday night. The would be hero store manager tried to stop the theft, got sprayed in the face with a can of mace.

According to Fox8 Cleveland, two women walked into the sporting goods store around 7pm on December 8th. They were doing what appeared to be normal Christmas shopping. Until the manager noticed something funny. According to the police report, the women had a big black and began shoving North Face jackets into the bag. In total, they fit 18 jackets into the bag. That must have been a big bag!

On their way out of the store, the store manager and other employees attempted to stop the two women. The women were asked to put the bag down. One of the women turned around, pulled out a can of mace and sprayed the store manager directly in the face. As the employees stood there shocked, the women darted for the door. Like a modern day Thelma and Louise, they hopped into a waiting 1990 maroon Toyota with a temporary license plate.

The holiday season always brings out the craziness in people. But police don’t think this was a case of holiday shopping madness. Akron Police Lieutenant Rick Edwards believes the two women came in with a plan.

“Someone had a game plan. They knew exactly what they were gonna do, had their bags to put their merchandise in. They had a canister of mace. This wasn’t something that she thought of just all of a sudden, let me get the mace out. They knew what they were doing.”

The store manager is doing fine and did not need treatment. The car had not been recovered and no description of the suspects has been released. As of Wednesday, no arrests had been made in the case of the North Face jackets theft.