Philadelphia Eagles Use Selective Memory To Stay Hungry

QB Nick Foles

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, engineer of the Eagles’ current five-game win streak, thinks the best way to win the next game is to forget the last one.

“Short memory,” Foles told ESPN. “Ron Jaworski said it best. You’ve got to have amnesia. You’ve got to be able to just forget about it and move forward.”

Selective memory is nothing new in the world of sports. The Philadelphia Eagles QB touched on a concept widely used by pitchers in Major League Baseball: good or bad, you forget the last ball you’ve thrown and just focus on throwing the next one. While Philadelphia fans likely won’t forget this amazing turnaround season, Eagles players are approaching this game of inches one day at a time.

“I deal with the emotions of the game after the game and then Monday,” the Philadelphia signal-caller said. “Monday night, I’m thinking about my next opponent, how I’m going to approach the week, what I want to work on and get better at, what do I think are their strengths. You really just forget about the last game.”

With three games left in the 2013 campaign, the Eagles are on top of the NFC East with a narrow, one-win margin over the Dallas Cowboys. Should the Cowboys pull even, they’ll win the tie-breaker with the head-to-head win—Philadelphia’s dismal 17-3 showing on October 20—which means, with some hungry 7-6 teams out there, the Eagles’ season could very well come down to Week 17’s final showdown in Dallas.

Considering the tunnel-vision focus Eagles players have on the next week, it’d doubtful anyone in the Philadelphia organization is approaching the situation that way. Still, they’ll have to improve on that poor performance.

For starters, the Eagles need to make sure Nick Foles doesn’t get knocked out of the game with another head injury; let’s make that priority No. 1 for the Philadelphia offensive line. Next, better pass blocking. Or just blocking in general, because the stats from that game are sad.

Sometimes the journey overshadows the destination, but certainly for the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl aspirations, that’s not the case. Hopefully, should they make it to the big game, the Philadelphia Eagles will at least remember the experience.