Razor Blade Croissant Greets Unlucky Dunkin Donuts Customer

Razor Blade Croissant Greets Unlucky Dunkin Donuts Customer

A razor blade croissant wasn’t what Priscilla Salas expected when she made her daily trip to Dunkin Donuts, but that’s exactly what the Connecticut woman found when she bit into her morning treat.

Salas made the find last week at a store in Windham, Connecticut. She said after biting into the croissant she hit something sharp and metallic.

“Oh my god, is it what I think it is?” Salas told WVIT NBC Connecticut, “Could be a little kid eating it and not noticing it, and just next thing you know, mouth bleeding or something. So it is concerning.”

Salas said she called the Dunkin Donuts corporate office and received an explanation for the razor blade croissant — it was the result of a distribution center mishap.

“They felt It was probably a frozen croissant from distribution center and they were going to find the exact location of it,” Salas said.

Dunkin Donuts issued a statement about the razor blade croissant, saying it was an isolated incident and that they were working with the store in question to find out how it happened.

Salas said she hopes others can learn from her mishap.

“I just think that it’s a public hazard…I just want the public to know and to be aware what they buy and look over everything they eat,” she said.

The razor blade croissant is the latest incident of an unwelcome surprise in food, though many more have been of the natural variety. In the last two months, a number of grocery shoppers have found dangerous spiders living in their produce. Experts say the influx of spiders is the result of stricter regulations on pesticides that normally would kill them before they leave farms where the produce is picked.

The doughnut and coffee chain sent Salas an apology and a gift card for her razor blade croissant, though she said she would be happier knowing it won’t happen again.