Calvin Harris Doesn’t Want To Play His Early Hits Anymore

Calvin Harris Fans

Calvin Harris isn’t a huge fan of the early hits that helped put him on the musical map. In fact, he refuses to play some of those tunes in order to shake off some of his original fans.

Although some people might say this is the very definition of biting the hand that feeds you, the DJ is apparently so ashamed of his early songs that he refuses to play them at his shows. Harris even put together an intentionally obnoxious track to help send a large section of his supporters packing. In short: Tough luck if you enjoyed that music.

Contactmusic reports that Calvin Harris made a conscious decision to change his musical output back in 2010. Since he’s not exactly proud of the music he released back in the day, the DJ won’t perform them live. Don’t bother requesting anything at his shows because he simply won’t comply with your demands.

“I don’t play them live. I don’t play anything I made back then. I feel like I’m a different thing now. Before then I came in, and I was singing with a band and I was making completely different music… I made this club track called ‘Awooga’. It was really obnoxious, and it was to get rid of people who liked my old music,” Harris recently explained to Triple J.

He continued, “I was like ‘I’m going to do this because I want to DJ, and I want to play club tracks, and I want to forget about everything in the past. Even though I’m proud that it did well, I don’t want to do that stuff anymore.'”

Calvin Harris, who recently scored two Grammy nominations, is reportedly helping out with girlfriend Rita Ora’s next batch of tunes. In addition Harris, fans of the singer can expect collaborations with Gwen Stefani and rock icon Prince.

“We messed around with some music and you know, I can’t believe [Prince] can play so many instruments. All I can say is that we’ve definitely done some music together,” Ora said.

Harris’ main squeeze added, “I love pop music and I’m a pop singer, so it’s just pop music with a lot more honesty in it.”

Calvin Harris fans can catch the DJ and a slew of other artists and performers at the Isle Of Wight Festival in 2014. If you’re interested in attending next year’s even, then you’ll want to start making plans as soon as possible. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (December 12).

Are you a fan of Calvin Harris? What do you think about the DJ completely refusing to play some of his early hits?

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