Murdoch Is Evil Message Hidden Inside One Of His Paper’s Crosswords


Rupert Murdoch is evil according to one of his own newspaper’s crosswords. This message was hidden inside Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph puzzle, and an image of the disparaging crossword has since gone viral across the Internet.

Eagle-eyed readers spotted the letters LIVESIHCODRUM inside the publication’s children’s Funday puzzle section on December 8, 2013. When they are read in that order, the letters look like pure gibberish, but when you look at the letters backwards, it reads MURDOCH-IS-EVIL.

Clearly, the puzzle’s creator, “Harry the Dog – News Hound,” was looking to emulate the likes of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Jay-Z by using “Satanic backmasking.” This is the process of embedding secret messages into music lyrics.

The page 79 puzzle hid its declaration alongside an assortment of “animals” with an Indonesian theme. Other words placed inside the crossword included “civet,” “dolphin” and “cassowary.” Neither Mick Carroll, the Sunday Telegraph’s editor, or Harry the Dog – News Hound, have commented on the matter yet.

Twitter users have since taken to the social media site to respond to the incident. One predicted, “I fear someone is about to get fired… Sunday Tel puts ‘Murdoch is Evil’ in the kids’ puzzle.”

Even Fairfax Media, Murdoch’s key rival in Australia, joked on the matter. The company’s Sydney Morning Herald tweeted, “Someone’s been having some fun in the Sunday Telegraph.”

It’s now believed that the person responsible for the hidden message was a “contractor,” who isn’t actually a full time News Corp Australia employee. A cartoonist with the paper has indicated that it was just an “innocent mistake.”

In the past, some of Led Zeppelin’s lyrics, when played backwards, sound as if Robert Plant is singing, “Oh, here’s to my sweet Satan… He will give those with him 666. There was a little toold shed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.” Jay-Z can apparently be heard saying, “666 murder murder Jesus 666,” when his song, “Lucifer 9,” is played backwards.

Earlier this year, Murdoch filed for divorce from his wife of 14 years, Deng Murdoch. It’s believed the divorce documents suggested the “relationship between husband and wife [had] broken down irretrievably.”

This will be Murdoch’s third divorce. In 1999, he was made to pay his second wife, Anna Murdoch, around $1.7 billion in a divorce settlement. Considering the fact that he is actually worth around $11.2 billion, it didn’t make too much of a dent in his wallet.

Do you believe that Murdoch Is Evil was hidden inside the crossword on purpose? Do you actually believe that the Australian tycoon is evil?

[Image via Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph]