Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato Dead At 99

Ernesto Sabato, the Argentine writer responsible for the critically lauded book “El Túnel” (“The Tunnel”) has passed away in Buenos Aires, he was 99-years-old.

Sabato only wrote three books during his life due to a habit he picked up in which he would burn completed manuscripts before they could be published. In his latter years Sabato went partially blind and fell ill on various occasions, according to sources close to the writer he died of a complication from Bronchitis.

Sabato’s themes of darkness and surrealism continued on in two more books; “On Heroes and Tombs” (1961) and “The Angel of Darkness” (1974).

Ernesto, a scientist-turned writer was just about to be honored at Argentina’s National Book Fair and passed away just weeks before his 100th birthday.