Man Discovers Knife In His Back 10 Hours After Late Night Brawl

A New Jersey man discovered a knife in his back after sleeping for nearly 10 hours.

Police explained that a 42-year-old Trenton man woke up complaining about severe pain in his back. When he asked his brother to investigate the issue, the unidentified stabbing victim discovered that he had a knife protruding from his body.

The New York Post explains that the man who discovered the knife in his back was allegedly a stabbed during a scuffle that occurred at his home at around 2 am Sunday. The whole thing began when the victim stepped out onto his porch to grab a quick smoke.

Trenton, New Jersey police spokesperson Lieutenant Mark Kieffer said the altercation started when someone approached the man asking for a light. When he refused to help the guy out, a fight quickly broke out. When the other man ran away, the victim thought he’d emerged victorious from the scuffle.

According to The Times, it’s currently believed that the man who discovered the knife in his back was a little intoxicated when the fight broke out. At some point during the encounter, the stranger managed to stab the victim before fleeing the scene. However, the blade wasn’t discovered until hours later.

Police were eventually summoned to the stabbing victim’s house at around noon on Sunday. After authorities confirmed that the guy had a knife protruding from his back, he was later taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center for treatment. Details about the knife are few and far between at the moment.

To make matters worse for investigators, the victim wasn’t willing to cooperate with police when they questioned him about the incident. As a result, authorities were unable to obtain a good description of the stranger who stabbed the guy in the back.

The Associated Press reports that the man with the knife in his back should recover from the incident. Officials said the man was presently scheduled for release as early as Monday. However, further information about his condition weren’t available as of this writing.

As strange as it may sound, this isn’t the first time someone fell asleep with a knife sticking out of their body. BBC News reported back in 2008 that an intoxicated Russian man managed to sleep very soundly after someone stabbed him in the back. Fortunately for the victim, no vital organs sustained any damage in the process.

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