Baltimore Ravens cry foul on draft day flub

With the world of football caught up in a lot of controversy, very little controversy trickled out during the opening night of the 2011 NFL draft. The one thing that left most NFL fans, and draft day viewers puzzled was the way in which the Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears single handedly brought the NFL Draft to a complete stop. It all happened when the 10 minute clock started on the Baltimore Ravens who had the 26th overall pick in the first round.

The Ravens wanted to trade down, and the Bears wanted to trade up. The Bears were looking to leap frog the Kansas City Chiefs and select OT Gabe Carimi. Apparently the deal involved the Bears giving the Raves their 2011 fourth round pick. When trades are made at the draft (or elsewhere) both teams must inform a league executive. The Ravens did so, but the Bears did not. Given that scenario the Ravens ran out of clock, the Chiefs made the 26th pick and Baltimore turned in a pick at #27.

The Ravens then cried foul and asked NFL Commissioner to force the Bears to give them the fourth round pick for apparently willfully misleading the Ravens. Goodell was unwilling to force the Bears to give them the pick, but apparently strongly urged them to do so. The Bears, even though they have taken the blame for the incident, declined.

While this may not mean much to the casual NFL fan, it is yet another example of the poor job Bears General manger Jerry Angelo has done. While he has not lost anything yet, other NFL teams may be unwilling to work with the Bears in the future. That would put this team at a distinct disadvantage.

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