Ice Storm: Temperatures Plummet Nationwide, Four Deaths Reported

Ice storm

A massive ice storm is sweeping North America with temperatures plummeting to 20 degrees below zero, causing at least four deaths.

The low pressure gripping the nation is disrupting normal life from coast to coast. Power outages and hazardous driving conditions have left motorists stranded in life threatening situations across many states.

Forecasters are predicting that Virginia is the next state in line for a cold snap. Residents have been warned of a major ice storm which will most likely come to a head in the afternoon hours on Sunday.

Motorists across the country have been warned by the National Weather Service and local authorities to avoid driving during the storm. The advice is that if you are heading out today you should make sure your vehicle is well stocked with emergency supplies.

Thermometers in Montana have recorded some of the lowest temperatures in the country at a freezing 20 below zero and 50 degrees below in parts of Minnesota have been predicted.

The four tragic deaths that occurred in California were a result of hypothermia for the residents who lived in the San Francisco Bay area.

A further six traffic related deaths were also blamed on the ice storm.

100,000 Dallas residents had to do without power for most of Saturday and 400 flights out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport were cancelled during the morning hours.

Laura Southard, a spokeswoman for the Emergency Management team in Virginia said that ice storm was so huge that it could even be an “historic event.”

“This forecast is very concerning to us. I’ve worked multiple disasters, but I’ve never worked an ice storm with a forecast like this. It’s just really important for everybody to take extra precautions.”

Authorities are advising people to avoid driving unless absolutely necessary and to remain indoors where possible. It is vital to ensure that emergency supplies are plentiful during the ice storm including water, canned foods and a flashlight.