Hilary Duff Is Ready For Her Big Comeback, New Single Coming This Spring

Hilary Duff is all set for her big musical comeback. However, fans probably shouldn’t anticipate the singer getting cozy with foam fingers anytime soon.

The former Lizzie McGuire star revealed earlier this year that she was putting together a brand new collection of songs. If all goes according to Duff’s plan, then she’ll have a brand new single ready to roll by this spring. According to Perez Hilton, a new album should hit retail shelves shortly thereafter. A release date isn’t available as of this writing.

“It’s such a different business now. Honestly, it can be intimidating. I’m not comparing myself to (Miley Cyrus) but a lot of the things that go on in pop music are not me or who I am. Or not yet. Who knows what I’m going to wake up tomorrow and feel like? I really just try to come and be who I am,” Hilary Duff said.

When the singer returns to the world of music, fans shouldn’t anticipate any Miley Cyrus-style antics. Although Duff respects what the former Disney darling is currently doing with her career, Hilary wants people to think of her in the same vein as Taylor Swift.

“She’s really honest with her lyrics and her stage show isn’t like some crazy thing that’s controversial. But I think what Miley Cyrus is doing is really cool and I think she’s being who she wants to be and that is important. And so I respect that,” the singer explained.

PopStopTV reports that Hilary Duff’s new batch of songs will contain some electronic dance music as well as some rock-oriented tunes. In short: Fans should expect a lot of different sounds when her new album finally arrives at some point during 2014.

“There’s some EDM influence. And then some songs kind of like indie and earthy. I don’t know, that sounds really weird. It’s all over the map. Some songs have really heavy piano. Some have like funky weird tinkering sounds,” she explained.

This description isn’t too far removed from the stuff Hilary Duff teased during a Q&A session with fans on Twitter back in August. Although she didn’t want to put a finer point on the album at the time, it would appear that she’s starting to bring some stuff together.

“I’m exploring a lot of cool options and don’t want to give a timeline yet but I promise exciting stuff is coming. I’m super into EDM. Definitely catchy hooks I’ve always cared a lot about lyrics and love to dance,” the singer said.

Are you looking forward to Hilary Duff’s big comeback?