Peaches Geldof, Leah Wood and Kimberley Stewart Go Naked for Tatler

Tatler Magazine’s January 2009 edition features three old, legendary rockers daughters stark naked. Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberley Stewart, Ronnie Wood’s daughter Leah Wood and Bob Geldof’s girl, Peaches Geldof all pose nude together, presumably in a bid to move them from “C” list celebrity to “B” list celebrity. Good luck with that girls.

In a somewhat creepy twist, the girls were photographed by rock has been star turned pornographer photographer Bryan Adams. You know the guy, everything I do, I do it for you. That song should haunt you for the rest of the day.

According to Bastardly, the idea for the cover came from Bryan Adams and his “fantasy for a crazy foursome with rock star offspring”. Right.

We are not really buying the cover anyway, it has clearly been photoshopped as none of them look stoned.