Kim Kardashian Invites Random Twitter Follower To Join Her During Kanye’s Concert

Kim Kardashian invites Twitter follower to sit with her at Kanye's concert

Kim Kardashian invited a lucky teen Twitter follower to sit with ther in the VIP section for Kanye’s concert.

The 33-year-old reality TV star made a fan very happy through the social media site.

Everything happened on Thursday, when Kardashian noticed the 19-year-old fan’s tweets, as she was trying to spot her while at the Kanye West New Orleans concert.

Apparently Kim Kardashian, who is an avid Twitter user, as the fan also appears to be, noticed her tweet after she said:

“I’m looking for Kim SO hard while we wait for Yeezy to come out. Wya sis?”

What are the chances that a celebrity will notice a fan’s tweet and have the thought of actually inviting them to sit in their VIP section to watch a concert?

Not too high. But Kim Kardashian had the thoughtfulness to invite Myleeza to join her.

From the moment Kim responded to her tweet, the fan is out of her mind with excitement as one can see in her tweets, which are very cute.

She tells of her encounter with Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West back stage in detail.

The teen says, Kardashian’s security came to find her, once she gave her the location of Myleeza was sitting with her friend, Sara.

Kim Kardashian waved to the friends and greeted them, saying, “Hey Myleeza, thank you for coming.” The fan was impressed Kim said her name properly.

Here is the chronology of how things went down:

An finally, the moment Myleeza had been waiting for, meeting Kanye West in person, thanks to Kim Kardashian.

Pretty exciting stuff for the lucky girl who kept tweeting the details of the events until the wee hours of the night.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian after she invited a random Twitter follower to sit with her?