[Video] Antoine Dodson in court, pleads not guilty

Antoine Dodson, who became internationally famous following his plea to all Americans that they hide their kids, hide their wives, and hide their husbands ’cause “they rapin’ errbody out here,” was arrested last week for marijuana possession.

A local reporter caught up with Dodson at what must be the most depressing courthouse of all time to obtain Dodson’s side of the story. [Video below.] Dodson maintained the upbeat and unapologetic demeanor that gained him viral fame during the brief courthouse interview. Initially reluctant, the unwitting star of the “Bed Intruder” series of internet hit songs and videos described to a reporter that he was just driving in his Mercedes E-Class Bennnnnnnnnnnnnz (Dodson previously disclosed that the success of his viral video enabled his family to get up out the projects) when the arrest occurred, adding that the reported could “run and tell that.” (He actually, seriously said that.)

Dodson, who appears with one of his homeboys, then enters the court where, when called, he entered a not guilty plea. Apparently, Dodson did not have to come and confess. As we previously reported, the viral video star was granted $500 bail and is due to appear again in July.