Oklahoma Earthquake: 4.5 Magnitude Quake Rocks The Sooner State

Oklahoma earthquake

An Oklahoma earthquake occurred today at 12.10 pm and shook residents in an area about 14 miles northeast of Oklahoma City. It registered 4.5 magnitude on the Richter scale.

People in Wichita and Kansas also reported feeling tremors from the earthquake. Keli Calin, from the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, said that, fortunately, no injuries or major structural damage were reported.

Renee Montgomery, also from the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management Department, said she heard a rumbling sound and then saw the blinds and window move in her office:

“It was like a small train rumbling by. Then my desk and my computer shook for a few minutes,” she said.

Marty Doepke, the general manager of Pops Restaurant in Arcadia, said that patrons were watching the Oklahoma State football game at the time of the earthquake. He said they were startled by the quake but quickly returned to their seats to watch the game.

Amazingly, viewers watching the game on TV could see the camera shaking as Oklahoma State’s Ben Grogan converted a 41-yard field goal just as the Oklahoma earthquake was happening.

The earthquake today was mild in comparison to the state’s largest recorded quake back in November 2011. That earthquake registered a magnitude of 5.6 on the scale.

Residents are remaining cautious and are hoping that this is the last Oklahoma earthquake that the Sooner state will suffer this year.