Sofia Vergara Made $30 Million In One Year

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Sofia Vergara, the gorgeous star of Modern Family, is apparently the highest paid actress on television today. This is according to Forbes Magazine, which said that from June 2012-June 2012 Vergara made a staggering $30 million.

Sofia is very shrewd when it comes to maximizing income in the world of television. She makes $175,000 for each Modern Family episode, but considerably more money comes from her numerous brand endorsements.

She is, among other things, the spokeswoman for Diet Pepsi, Cover girl, Comcast and State Farm Insurance. As if that lot didn’t keep her busy enough, Sofia Vergara also has a clothing line at Kmart.

Her income also turns the tables on Hollywood, which is renowned for gender discrimination. Traditionally, women working in Hollywood and on television earn less than men.

Vergara made roughly $6 million more than the highest paid male TV actor, Ashton Kutcher. She also earned a serious three times more than the next highest paid female actress, Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory.

Forbes’ list of the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities, which was published recently, put Sofia Vergara in 54th place regardless of the massive income she generates.

In other news about Sofia,E! Online reported yesterday that her fans can look forward to seeing her in a bikini on Christmas Day. She is planning a tropical vacation where she is clearly planning on hitting the beach.

Talking about her upcoming vacation she said, “I think I’m going to vacation for one week, maybe to Mexico, and then Florida.”

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