Jacksonville Jaguars Playoffs Chance? 2014 NFL Draft Pick Makes Tim Tebow Unlikely…

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a low chance at the playoffs, but even if they don’t get the number one 2014 NFL draft pick Tim Tebow is still unlikely to become their quarterback.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Tim Tebow Jacksonville Jaguars job offer is being supported by a cit councilman, but it seems likely Tebow’s NFL career is over and he might work for ESPN’s SEC Network.

Considering that a month ago the Jacksonville Jaguars had a 0-8 record you’re probably wondering how they could suddenly make the playoffs. Well, their three-game winning streak has them sitting at 4-9 right now, giving them a better record when compared to 2012 playoff teams like the Falcons, Redskins and the Texans.

To pull this off the Jaguars would need to keep winning, Tennessee and Baltimore would need to lose several games, and the Jets and Steelers would have to both lose and win several games. But this path to minor victory for Jacksonville is described as being extremely unlikely:

“None of those scenarios is that far-fetched, but all of them happening at the same time would take a minor miracle, and that ship sailed for Jacksonville when they failed to sign Tim Tebow.”

And the unfortunate side effect of the Jacksonville Jaguars playoffs bid is that they’ll now lose their number one spot in the 2014 NFL draft pick since they’re no longer the worst team in the NFL. So any hopes of rebuilding the team and finding a great QB starter are just about as unlikely as Tebow getting the job.

But, for his part, Tim Tebow’s NFL career potentially ending doesn’t seem to have him down in the dumps:

“I’ve never found my identity in who I was as a football player. I found my identity in who I am in Christ. And when you find your identity as a Christian, then regardless of your status, or your fame, or your popularity, or your position, that never changes. So the roller-coaster that the world has always looked at my life and viewed, I’m very thankful that I don’t have to live it. I’m the best now that I’ve ever been.”

And it’s not like no one is offering him jobs. Just yesterday a team in the Italian Federation for American Football said they’d like to have Tebow play for them.

Even if they somehow enter the NFL playoffs, should the Jacksonville Jaguars reconsider hiring Tim Tebow?