Justin Bieber Bodyguard Allegedly Assaults Family Man In Perth Hotel: UPDATED

Updated: TMZ contacted Western Australia Police. A rep told them they were not aware of a stair throwing incident involving Bieber’s bodyguard on Friday (December 6) at the Hyatt Hotel in Perth, despite an Australian news item claiming they responded to the incident.

The police’s reported lack of knowledge about the complaint suggests the story is either inaccurate, exaggerated, or incorrect either in part, or wholly.

According to TMZ, the ‘stair throwing’ claim has been completely denied by sources connected to Bieber’s camp.

It was claimed that one of Justin’s bodyguards threw the father of young fans through a door and down a set of stairs after the security guard ordered the family not to approach the star.

However, TMZ, who have spoken to both the police and sources close to Bieber, claim the father demanded the hotel disclose the pop star’s location so that he and his kids could meet the singer.

The website adds that when his demand was not met the father started yelling. He was reportedly quickly escorted from the hotel in a normal manner, and not via the stairs.

Justin Bieber’s bodyguards have once again hit the headlines. The latest story emerging from the 19-year-old singer’s Believe tour comes with “allegedly” stamped over it, but here are the details.

According to theWest.com.au one of Bieber’s security guards was allegedly involved in an incident in a Perth hotel on Friday, in which the father of young fans was allegedly thrown down stairs.

A witness, Trisha Horsham, claims a family of five walked into the entrance of the pool area at the Hyatt Hotel in Adelaide Terrace, where the Canadian star is reportedly staying.

Horsham claims that within seconds, “we heard this hysterical screaming.”

The same witness said the family, “walked in and were told not to approach Justin Bieber.”

The father in the group allegedly replied to an alleged bodyguard, “Hey mate, don’t speak to my daughters like that.”

It’s claimed that at that point the bodyguard picked the father up and threw him out the door.

It’s also claimed the mother was pushed.

For reasons not stated, theWest.com.au added the statement below to the door reference.

“… Which meant he [the father] was thrown down the stairs (sic).”

IQ notes the assumption in that sentence and will update with details as the story develops.

Horsham, who was apparently visiting friends at the hotel, described the aftermath of the alleged attack:

“One of the daughters was on the floor hyperventilating. Then the mother started having a panic attack,” she recalls, adding that an ambulance and police were called to the scene.

Horsham purportedly said Bieber’s bodyguard was taken away by police officers.

The alleged attack comes during a drama-filled Australian tour for Bieber.

The pop star came under fire from Gold Coast City mayor Tom Tate and Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie after he tagged graffiti on the external walls of a Surfers Paradise hotel.

However, Justin was given prior permission to graffiti the property by the hotel’s owners.

At the tail end of November, one of star’s bodyguards was filmed kicking the car door of a Sydney paparazzo who had been following a convoy of cars in Justin’s party.

The pap also claims his tyres were knifed. However, this is not seen on film.

Justin’s bodyguards were also involved in a Byron Beach incident when one guard took the phone of a bystander who was filming the singer surfing in the ocean and erased the man’s photos.

It’s also been revealed that after arriving from New Zealand to Brisbane Airport on November 24, a member of Bieber’s crew was allegedly caught with cannabis by the Australian Federal Police.

The “Baby” singer’s bodyguards have been named and allegedly implicated in a range of alleged assaults over recent months, many of which are now pending lawsuits.

Bieber’s 156-date Believe tour wraps Sunday, December 8 in Perth.

The singer has not commented on the latest claim being made against his bodyguards, but he did post a biblical quote on his Twitter account on Saturday that may be a reference to it.