JibJab Christmas Greeting Cards Return, Letting Users Turn Their Friends Into Dancing Elves

JibJab Christmas Greeting Cards Return, Just As Popular As Ever

JibJab greeting cards are back, giving users a chance to turn themselves and their friends into dancing elves just in time for Christmas.

The app has returned with a new holiday scene that allows people to cut out pictures of their friends’ heads and place them onto the bodies of dancing elves.

The JibJab greeting cards have been popular in past holiday seasons, and the company has even jumped on board with dance crazes, too. Last year it created a “Gangnam Style” card that let people paste their head onto the body of Psy as he busted out his famous dance moves.

The company jumped onto the national scene in 2004, with a viral hit featuring singing John Kerry and George W. Bush cutouts.

The JibJab greeting card app has been very popular this year, ranking No. 4 among free iPad apps.

The company describes the app as:

“JibJab, known for its industry-leading Starring You® entertainment, is here to turn the Holidays into an Elf-stravaganza! Cast up to five friends in this hilarious Elf Dance. Upload photos of your friends and family from your camera roll or Facebook page and transform them into the baddest dancing elves you’ll see this Holiday season. Twerk lovers will have nothing on you!”

The JibJab Christmas greeting cards are part of a trend of personalized apps that let people throw themselves and their loved ones into the holiday. This season Portable North Pole returned with a new video sequence showing Santa Claus talking directly to kids.

The app takes some simple information, like a picture of the child and a bit of information about their age and activities, and creates a personalized message from Santa himself. Portable North Pole even lets kids see if they’re on the nice list or the naughty list.

In all JibJab has more than 1,500 eCards for many occasions, each with varying prices. The JibJab greeting card with the dancing elves is free, however, and can be found here.