Elton John Estranged From His Mom, She Doesn’t Want To See Her Grandchild

Elton John’s mom hasn’t seen her 4-month-old grandchild Zachary. Sheila Farebrother revealed to The Sun this week that her and Elton have been estranged since June 2007, an estrangement that she believes occurred because of a disagreement with producer David Furnish, Elton’s longtime-partner and other farther to Zachary.

According to Sir Elton’s mom:

“He has cut me off completely. It happened three years ago this June. He has had nothing to do with me since then. I don’t want to go into what caused it. It is a painful subject. My son cut me out of his life for good.”

Perhaps it’s for the best, Farebrother has “no particular interest really” in seeing Zachary, not quite the type of grandparent we would want to have either.

Sheila recently sold a bunch of Elton memorabilia after she moved from her England home to an apartment, although she says her financial support given by John had nothing to do with the movie, stating:

“That has nothing to do with it. I moved into a smaller place and had nowhere to keep all that stuff.”

In any case, a grandmother who could care less one way or another about ever seeing her grandchild probably doesn’t deserve the right to have her son’s financial support if he has in fact cut her off.