Jeremy Renner Developing Steve McQueen Biopic, Launching Production Company

Jeremy Renner may quite possibly be the hardest working man in Hollywood, recently we reported that he has been working on the animated movie Ice Age 4, is in discussions to take over the Bourne Legacy spin-off, is working to secure the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol franchise and plays Hawkeye in The Avengers movie and now we’ve learned that he’s also working on a Steve McQueen Biopic.

The Hurt Locker actor according to Riky Biz is so passionate about the McQueen project that he is assembling his own production company with actor-turned-filmmaker friend Don Handfield. The company called The Combine will produce the McQueen movie which will star Renner in the lead role.

The script is being developed by We Own the Night writer/director James Gray and will be based off two books:

Portrait of an American Rebel and The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon both which were written by Marshall Terrill.

Renner was nominated this past year for The Town and Hurt Locker perhaps with his own role that he gets to develop he can finally take home the most coveted trophy in Hollywood.

If all that info doesn’t convince you that he’s working harder than anyone else in Hollywood he also buys, renovates and flips multi-million dollar homes in his spare time.