Work In The Nude Day Celebrated On Friday December 6

Work in the nude day is taking place throughout all of Friday December 6, as Australians at home and abroad decide to rid their clothes while they earn their keep.

This event was organized by Flying Solo, a small business community group, who decided that Australians who work from home should celebrate the freedom and flexibility that this position brings them by stripping to their birthday suits.

Robert Gerrish, Flying Solo’s director and the founder of Work in the Nude Day, discussed this celebration, stating, “We were looking for something where we could connect some of the energy and sentiment of our community into something enjoyable.”

Individuals who are contemplating joining the scantily clad posy, but are wary that it’s a long standing tradition, will be glad to hear that this is only the second year that the event has taken place.

Freelancers who want to feature have been encouraged to take naked selfies and then upload them online. While last year’s celebration mainly featured people from Australia, Gerrish hopes that people from around the world will now join in.

Gerrish then reminisced about 2012’s Work in the Nude day, stating, “They were so empathetic and warm. We never had anything grubby. It just really showed us this is a lovely thing to be doing… It was normal people showing their warts and bodies.” While that might sound a tad disgusting, people clearly responded kindly to the freedom the day presented.

Photographer, Mark Johnson, who will be taking part in Work in the Nude day, has discussed why he enjoys being employed from home, stating, “I don’t have to shave every day, I can have bad hair days, take a nap in the middle of the day and sing in a falsetto voice to Radiohead. I also have a habit of talking to myself, so I can do that without getting any strange looks.”

Meanwhile, Damian Cerini, admitted, “It touched a chord with me because it’s a statement that I can chose to work the way I want.”

Flying Solo data suggests that around 700,000 people in Australia work from home, and 500 of them took part in Work in the Nude day last year.

Jodie McLeod, Flying Solo’s editor, stated, “Working in the nude is the ultimate expression of freedom. Submitting a selfie is taking it that one step further. It’s showing the world you have control of your work situation and you’ve got a sense of humour. This year we’re hoping for even more participants, particularly to the selfie competition.”

You can follow the day’s excursions via Flying Solo’s Facebook page, and enter the aforementioned Selfie Competition here.

Here are some pictures from last year’s event:


[Image via LoloStock/Shutterstock]