Jennifer Lopez Accepts Role In ‘Ice Age 4’ So Does Jeremy Renner

Jennifer Lopez is currently very busy with her music, acting and American Idol careers but that isn’t slowing her down, Lopez this week confirmed that she has signed on for a role in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.

Hollywood Reporter revealed today that Lopez has signed on for the role of Shira, a sabre-toothed tiger who Dennis Leary’s Sabre Tooth character Diego falls in love with.

Also signing on for a role is Jeremy Renner who will play master of the high seas Gutt. He also recently went into talks to play the lead in the newest Jason Bourne movie.

Rounding out new cast members are Wanda Sykes, Drake (yes the rapper) and Aziz Ansari.

Fans of the series can also expect to hear from all the series regulars which includes:

Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, John Leguizamo, Seann William Scott and Josh Peck.

The animated feature will hit theaters in July 2012.