Lea Michele Expresses Love To ‘Glee’ Family

Lea Michele Talks Glee

It’s been a trying last half of the year for Glee star Lea Michele. In July, she lost her boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith when he succumbed to his substance abuse problems. Although the actress is currently mourning the loss, Lea attended last night’s L’Oreal Women of Worth event in New York to promote the brand.

At the event, Michele felt comfortable enough to discuss just how much her Glee family means to her in the wake of her loved one’s death. Michele said to E! that she loved her Glee family and, at the end of the day, she considered her Glee family to be her home.

“All I know is that Glee is my home. They’re my family and it just made sense that we would all want to be back together so that we have each other for support and I love everyone there so, so very much.”

After the sudden death of Monteith, many people speculated that FOX would cancel the show or that Lea Michele, the star, wouldn’t return to film. After a few weeks delay in shooting, Michele was back on set with the rest of her Glee family.

Although there was no talk on whether or not FOX is moving Glee to center around New York, as it’s rumored, Michele did have nice things to say about her home.

“I’m so happy to be in New York right now with my mom and my dad, to get to see some of my family.”

Of the event which was put together by L’Oreal to celebrate women, Michele said:

“This is such a beautiful event, it’s so inspiring what L’Oreal does. The slogan for L’Oreal is ‘Because you’re worth it’ and tonight, I just think it totally encapsulates that whole message. All of these women are so incredible in what they do and I’m really honored to be here.”

Currently, Lea Michele is gearing up to debut her first solo album, Louder, as well as her book, Brunette Ambition.

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