Burger King Hands Out Free Big Macs In Norway

Burger King decided to test the loyalty of their customers by handing out free Big Macs.

Yes, you read this correctly — Big Macs. Although the burgers are synonymous with McDonald’s, the folks at Burger King in Norway decided to give away their competitor’s iconic sandwich to several of its customers. The whole thing was a social media stunt perpetrated by agency DIST Creative.

According to Advertising Age, BK discovered that a lot of their so-called fans on Facebook were actually just there to write all kinds of nasty comments about the restaurant. In order to separate the true followers from the troublemakers, the company created a completely different Facebook page.

In addition to starting the new page, Burger King also offered up a unique giveaway. For a limited time, the fast food chain offered its customers a free Big Mac. In exchange, the individual had to agree not to join the company’s new Facebook page. The voucher for the Big Mac included a goodbye letter from BK.

Crain’s Chicago Business reports that the giveaway came at a substantial loss of followers. Out of the 38,000 folks who liked the original Facebook page, only 8,000 decided to skip the McDonald’s burger and follow the company on social media. That means 30,000 people decided to abandon BK and accept the Big Mac.

Of course, there is a silver lining to this story. Burger King Norway claims that those 8,000 loyal customers are engaging their latest Facebook page in a much more positive manner. As long as BK views this as a positive, then the social media stunt was a success.

In an attempt to dethrone McDonald’s as the world’s most popular fast food joint, Burger King has stepped up its competitive game. Not only is the chain expanding into markets dominated by Ronald McDonald, the restaurant is also taking the fight to its menu.

USA Today reported last month that BK decided to bring back to Big King, a calorie-stuffed concoction that looks and tastes a lot like the Big Mac. Instead of offering the item for a limited time, Burger King is keeping it around for as long as people are willing to order it.

“What makes Big King different than any other burger on the market is the unique fire grilling,” a BK executive said. However, the company wasn’t willing to discuss the new addition at-length. Some things are better left unsaid.

What do you think about Burger King giving away Big Macs to test customer loyalty? Would you have taken the Big Mac or liked the company’s new Facebook page?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]