Heidi Montag’s Breast Reduction: ‘They Felt Like Bowling Balls On My Chest’

Heidi Montag decided it was time to spend some more hard earned cash on work for her body. This time round she opted for a breast reduction to take her from an F cup to a C.

Following the much anticipated October operation, Montag took to a beach in Los Angeles on Sunday to flaunt her new boobs. She was photographed wearing three different bikinis, each of which showed off her new cup size nicely.

She spoke to US Weekly in November about her decision to undergo the breast reduction surgery. She said that the previous implants which she had had weighed around three pounds each, and were giving her a backache.

“I couldn’t conceptualize the weight of them in my body. They felt like bowling balls on my chest. I felt inappropriate. Guys would stare at me really creepily and felt they had the right to because I had such big boobs,” she said.

When Heidi Montag went to consult with her doctor before the surgery, he told her she had best have the implants removed as soon as possible: “He told me they were falling through the bottom, and I got scared. It’s super dangerous. They can fall through to your belly button!” She revealed.

The doctor who performed the surgery also performed the widely reported double mastectomy on Angelina Jolie in February.

For her part Heidi seemed thrilled with the breast reduction telling reporters half jokingly: “I’m the new, new, new Heidi!”

What do you think about Heidi Montag’s latest breast work? Did you think she looked better with a larger bosom or do you prefer her all-new C-cups? You can share your thoughts in the comments feed below.