Costa Rica Isn’t Getting A Disney Theme Park, Says Company Rep

Did you hear that Costa Rica was getting its very own Disney theme park? According to a representative for the company, you probably shouldn’t start planning your vacation just yet.

Rumors about the possible attraction arrived courtesy of the morning TV show Buen Dia. According to the Costa Rica Star, Liberia Mayor Luis Gerardo Castaneda announced that Disney had purchased a significant chunk of land to build a theme park. Not surprisingly, quite a few people got excited about it.

In fact, the Disneyland Costa Rica Facebook page generated nearly 14,000 likes within the span of 24 hours. Unfortunately for those who were understandably thrilled about the announcement, it would appear that Mayor Castaneda got his facts wrong. The company doesn’t have any plans to develop an attraction in the country anytime soon.

“Enter a magical kingdom where you can sail with pirates, explore exotic jungles, meet fairy-tale princesses, dive under the ocean through the stars,” the Facebook page currently reads.

The Tico Times reports that the bad news about the proposed theme park in Costa Rica arrived courtesy of Disney Destinations public relations manager Sarah Domenech. Despite what you may have read on social media, rumors about the attraction are apparently false.

The Disney representative explained:

“What I can say right now is that the news is completely false. At Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, we continually look for ways to grow our business and as part of that process, we have conversations with many different entities. While Costa Rica is an attractive market, we have no plans for the region at this time.”

According to Inside Costa Rica, Mayor Castaneda said Disney purchased land near Liberia, Guanacaste to build what would become Latin America’s very first Disney theme park. He even proclaimed that construction on the project should begin during 2014.

Although reports surfaced a while back that Sun Ranch Limitada had acquired some land to put together some sort of theme park, it’s doubtful that the company has any association with the folks over at Disney. The company’s spokesperson couldn’t confirm if Sun Ranch Limitada has anything to do with Disney’s projects.

Nobody seems to know where the rumors originated at the moment. While some folks believe they were cleverly crafted by pranksters to celebrate Costa Rica’s upcoming take on April Fool’s Day (December 28), others theorize the reports were probably put together to disgrace the National Liberation party. It’s anybody’s guess right now.

Are you disappointed that Costa Rica isn’t getting a Disney theme park anytime soon?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]