Son Allegedly Punches Dad In the Face After Mac And Cheese Argument

It was apparently a smackdown over mac and cheese that landed a 20-year-old South Carolina man in jail.

A father and son reportedly got into an argument over missing cheese packets in boxes of macaroni and cheese. The dad wanted to cook up some pasta for dinner on Sunday night, but discovered that all the cheese was gone. He then admonished his son to stop using up all the packets, and sometime thereafter the younger man punched his father in the face and head. They wound up on the ground in the garage, and the son reportedly continued to hit his dad.The father, identified in the police report as Brian Rossi, 54, eventually put his son in a headlock to prevent the attack from continuing.

Responding officers noticed that Brian “had a fresh laceration beneath his left eye with bruising and swelling,” but he declined medical attention,.

Evidently, there was no dispute that the two men argued about mac and cheese. Alex Rossi told police that he and his dad shoved each other during the mac and cheese argument, and they both exchanged punches. Apparently the officers from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Officer seemingly weren’t fully convinced. “Deputies said Rossi had no visible injuries and the blood on his hand wasn’t his own.”

Brian Rossi told the officers that he wanted to press charges, and his son was taken into custody for assault and battery in the third degree. He was booked at the Spartanburg County jail where he was being held on a $1,000 bond.

This past summer, as The Inquisitr reported, another family feud over mac and cheese occurred. A Florida man allegedly stabbed his brother over an argument over mac and cheese that had gone missing.

One headline writer called the alleged South Carolina beatdown incident “smack” and cheese.

[image credit: Stuart Spivack from Cleveland, Ohio, USA]