NKOTB Member Donnie Wahlberg Helps Fan Find A Kidney

When Donnie Wahlberg isn’t busy performing with New Kids On The Block he can be spotted helping long-time fans find a kidney.

In December Wahlberg retweeted a link sent by a fan that helped Nashville native Bobbette Miller find a kidney donor which she desperately needed to survive.

Wahlberg, the older brother of Mark Wahlberg told The Boston Herald:

“Basically, a few of my Twitter followers retweeted a blog (called ‘Love Can Do Anything’) about a fan named Bobbette who was in desperate need of a kidney transplant,” while adding, “So I saw the tweet, read the link and then retweeted and asked for help.”

It was Bobbette’s best friend Abbie Vicknair (@abbielicious613) who reached out to Wahlberg after hearing that he often responded to his 200,000+ fans. After Wahlberg tweeted her call for help 6 donors were found, helping save her friends life.

According to Abbie:

“Back when we found out Bobbette needed a transplant, her kidney was functioning around 20 percent. I knew I had to reach a lot of people in the fastest way possible, so I posted the blog on Twitter. And within two hours, I saw that Donnie retweeted the link. I stopped dead when I read it. I couldn’t believe he did it….Donnie helped save my friend’s life.”

For his part Donnie has stayed on the sidelines and is just happy that 140 characters on his part could help save the life of a life-long fan.