Tim Tebow News Says NFL QB Career Over, SEC Network Starts TV Job Bidding War

The latest Tim Tebow news today claims his NFL career as a QB starter might be over since TV networks are starting a bidding war to offer him a job in sports broadcasting.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, NFL fans were asking where is Tim Tebow a lot these past several months.

He’s been spotted in Hawaii vacationing with his sister, and Tim Tebow sightings are now actually being sought after by the paparazzi. Based upon his Twitter account, although he returned home for Thanksgiving, he’s been focusing on Christian missionary efforts and helping people in the Philippines after the tsunami destroyed so many people’s lives.

So is Tim Tebow’s NFL career really over? Tim has apparently received calls from LA KISS, an Arena Football owned by rock band KISS, who offered him a three year contract in September. A Russian team called the Moscow Black Storm offered Tebow $1 million to play two games, which he declined. But a Tim Tebow Jaguars jobs offer is probably his only hope. There is a current push by Jacksonville residents, fans and even city councilmen to offer Tebow a spot with the Jacksonville Jaguars. But Tim has not shown any inclination to join the team many have called the worst team in the league, and no news of an offer has been officially released.

Tim Tebow’s Broadcasting Career?

Previous reports claimed Tim will look for a college football television job if he receives no further interest from NFL teams. The fact that Tim has hired a broadcast agent hasn’t hurt and now ESPN’s SEC Network, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports are all vying to add Tebowing to their lineup. And these rumors make the most sense since he’d be covering the conference where he won a Heisman so he should be very familiar with how things work.

Some state that a broadcasting career is the obvious next step for Tim Tebow and point out that he seems to have a natural talent for being on screen. Despite verbal tics such as repetitiously using fillers like “you know” and “I think,” he has been deemed to have “good camera presence” and shows promise in delivering insightful content to segments.

On the flip side, other wonder if Tim is able to offer critique as well as insight and praise and suggesting Mr. Tebow’s personality would pose difficulties in being brutally honest about players when necessary. After all, this guy is famous for not being critical of anyone and instead focusing on the positive combined with a Christian message.

It’s not like he’d have his own show (my I suggest the name Tebowmania?) since he’d one of four hosts if he joined the SEC Network. But I imagine his name would be used as a highlight to draw people into watching any new sports analyst shows.

Do you think Tim Tebow would make a good college football sports broadcaster or should he continue to pursue a NFL career as a QB starter?