Man Of 70 Murdered His Wife Because She Was Bad In Bed And Couldn’t Cook

In Australia, a man aged 70, is on trial for the murder of his 42 year-old wife. The suspect, Klaus Andres, admitted to police that after killing his wife, Li Ping Cao, he dissolved her body in a bin full of acid.

Before killing her, Andres had complained that his wife wasn’t only a bad cook but also “boring in bed” compared to his mistress, with whom he was having an affair. Andres, who was married to his wife for five years, is thought to have murdered her at their home in Brinsmead, an upmarket Cairns suburb, in 2011.

He pleaded guilty to causing the death of his wife, but alleged that the incident was an accident which happened when he pushed her to the floor after she had stabbed him in the hand with a fork.

Following her death, the court documents show that Andres bought acid in order to dispose of his dead wife’s body.

Andres met his mistress, who was from Thailand, in the early part of 2011 when he also met the husband of one of her friends.

The husband, John Gunner, testified in the Supreme Court that Andres had complained to him that his wife was boring in bed: “[He said] Li Ping would just lie there and he would climb on top of her.”

Neighbors said they heard a heated argument between the couple just minutes before the murder and a number of them also testified in court.

The killing has shocked the local community, and Australia as a whole is trying to understand what lead Klaus Andres to murder his wife and then dispose of her remains in the way he did.

The Australian legal system is dealing with the case at its highest echelons as the two sides battle out what will be Andres’ punishment for his crimes.