‘Pokemon X And Y’ 2DS Bundles Coming To America

Pokemon X and Y 2DS bundles are on their way to the US. Yes, Pokemon fans, your favorite pocket monsters will be arriving alongside Nintendo’s budget alternative to the 3DS in only a few days.

Much of the recent success of Nintendo’s 3DS can be attributed to the latest entry in Gamefreak’s catalog. Pokemon X and Y is one of the bestselling games for Nintendo this year, showing no signs of slowing down among its dedicated fan base and probably ample newcomers.

When Nintendo announced the 2DS earlier this year, the news was met with some cynicism, some wondering why Nintendo was releasing yet another console when the Wii U was still failing to sell. Some gamers criticized its lack of ability to fold into a more portable unit. The lack of the stereoscopic 3D projection technology wasn’t generally missed, however, since most gamers turn that function off on the 3DS anyway. The Pokemon X and Y 2DS bundles may just be the shot in the arm Nintendo’s latest portable device needs.

Much like its fully functioning cousin, the 2DS supports all Nintendo DS titles, and uses all of the same controls, such as the motion sensor and two cameras. Much like the 3DS, the GameBoy Advance connectivity is not in attendance though.

This Friday, Nintendo is expected to release two versions of the 2DS, corresponding to the games themselves. The red Nintendo 2DS will come with Pokemon X pre-installed, while the blue version will come with Pokemon Y, both for $149.99 each. The blue Nintendo 2DS will be available exclusively from Toys R Us, while the red one will be a Target exclusive, both available online. Nintendo has said supplies will be limited, so you will probably want to pick yours up as soon as possible, maybe even as a gift for that gamer on your list.

The Pokemon X and Y 2DS bundles will be available December 6 for US gamers who want to “catch ’em all” on a budget.